2 Stroke Exhaust Blow Out Removal Kit

Brand: ORO
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Exhaust Blow Out Removal Kit

Dents in your pipe will reduce your R.P.M power. For example a dent the size of an egg on the bottom bend of your pipe will restrict gas flow and cost you approximately 2 to 4 BHP!!!

Don't throw your dented pipe away, as this is a super kit will enable you to remove the dents without cutting or hammering, small or large dents, anywhere on the pipe. The multi clamp is fully adjustable and fits any model pipe, standard or performance.

Easy to use and fits in minutes.

kit comes with both multi clamps and seals, one with the input valve. Fully all fully adjustable to fit 2 stroke down pipes.

Please Note: A high power blow torch or welding torch is required to heat up the pipe Also a foot pump or compressor which are not included!

(Picture is an example exhaust not included)

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