Evans Prep Fluid - Waterless Engine Flush

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Most new customers wanting to use Evans will need to remove the existing water based coolant from their system. To Gain the maximum benefit from Evans we recommend that no more than 3% residual water is present in the coolant. To help achieve this we have formulated a hygroscopic Prep Fluid designed to flush the system before adding Evans.
How Does It Work?
Fill the freshly drained cooling system with Evans Prep Fluid and run the engine up to normal operating temperature. The hygroscopic fluid will absorb any residual water and flush out any loose deposits.
What should I do with it then?
Once the Prep Fluid has been drained from the system, store it in an air tight container as it can be used several times.

Hygroscopic Prep Fluid

  •         Designed To Flush The System Of Water
  •         Can be used several times
  •         Preps The System For Evans Waterless Coolant
  •         NO WATER - NO PROBLEMS!

2 Litres

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